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This is really easy and most of the missions have an accuracy goal that is best to get out of the way before attempting to beat the times. Just be careful not shoot an extra shot because in TBo GT the targeting disengages when the enemy dies. Remember, if you die or use a taxi it doesn't matter how well you did on any of those things it won't count and you'll get 0%. After you finish the game hopefully you get those three goals in all the missions.

Then it will be really really easy to go through and beat the times for the missions.

Additionally, the expansion offers a variety of side activities and mini-games, such as dancing at the clubs, and introduces new weapons and vehicles to the game. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony for PC / Windows is the second major expansion created for one of the best games of 2008 Grand Theft Auto IV.

Après le sympathique The Lost and Damned, Rockstar soigne une fois encore les fans de GTA IV avec The Ballad of Gay Tony, un contenu additionnel qui soutient aisément la comparaison.