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This website also gives you some general information on Radiocarbon Dating, Links to different institutions and a Bibliography.If you have any questions or hints, please Contact us or see under How to use...This creates an error in the "raw" age of about 2 percent.Since nearly all applications where the precise age is needed require calibration, this difference is removed in the calibration process].Note: Responsable for the contents of the table are the persons who submitted the information.We do not change any classification as, for example, "medieval", "tabby" or similar.

An empty field in a column means that we did not receive any information so far. Brachwitz, Der „Löwenstoff“ - Geschichte und Konservierung eines byzantinischen Seidengewebes, in S. The methods used can contain – and combine – any dating methodologies known in archaeology as f.e.This is a database in progress, of course many more textiles have been radiocarbon dated/ historical-dated than appeare here so far.Here you will find some explanations on the single columns - for those using the data as well as for those feeding the columns with new results of datings.Embroidered and appliqué kit quilts tells us about women in business in the 20th century and the readers of newspapers that featured the quilt pattern of the week.

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Quilts, women and men, from all walks of life and geographic location can open our eyes and our heart to those who sewed before us.

Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) is a technique for direct measurement of the concentration of radioisotopes.

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