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Tyler Wilson in the short-lived TNT series had a number of twists and turns, but from the very beginning, we knew Tricia Helfer was playing one of the humanoid Cylons.

Her role as Number Six in the re-imagined series has become a defining part of her career. Sharon Valerii, played a central role in the story, eventually discovering that she was actually one of the humanoid Cylon models.

It undoubtedly boosted the careers of its leading actors and actresses. Edward James Olmos has been living it up in Hollywood.

It's difficult to narrow down his impressive resume to just a few parts, but if we were to determine his most memorable roles, Admiral William Adama would undoubtedly be on top.

During that first watch I abided by my self-imposed media blackout (refusing to read anything about the show until I was done watching it).

The sci-fi franchise y’all have been begging me to watch for years, and which I attempted to watch a few times before finally investing in it, at which point I became pretty hooked and watched it constantly for months, until I’d completed all four seasons.

It’s not just toughness, but whatever the word is for this, it would be in the same general linguistic web as “toughness.” And I think it’s a toughness that is uniquely appealing to women, and attractive to women, and it’s got nothing to do with gender presentation, femininity or masculinity, although it shows up almost universally amongst “hard femmes.” This whole theory is essentialist, sure, but damn this quality makes a really fucking sexy lesbian. As a feminist, I appreciate that she meets men eye-to-eye and I like how she does heterosexuality, but as a queer I just want her to dyke out. Remember when the Sharons didn’t all know about each other yet?

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a lesbian, but I think there’s a thing we see in a person — in a real person too, like it’s a thing I think we’ll see in Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page when they get older, that we saw in Jodie Foster — this toughness, this hardness. She’s fucking toppy, even when she’s not being a top.For years, all Olmos wanted was to be "the biggest thing on the West Coast," and his initial plan to do that was to be the lead singer in the band .