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Following Prince Albert's death in 1861, Queen Victoria plunged into mourning and wore black for the rest of her life.

The Late Victorian Era was humming with activity as the Industrial Revolution hit full stride, bringing revolutionary technologies and mass-produced products to market.

The manner in which people worked and lived was forever altered, mostly for the better, and these advancements included electric sewing machines in factory settings providing access to ready-to-wear fashion.

With clothing being manufactured in factories and sold via department stores and mail-order catalogue, there was no longer a need to have men's clothing expensively tailored or sewn at home.

Now, nearly every man could stock a respectable wardrobe without forking over his whole paycheck - although the wealthiest gentlemen and aristocracy did continue demand custom tailored garments for superior fit and exclusivity.

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One of the most important things to know in Victorian society was good etiquette.

Up until the 1870's, men thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of bathing naked.