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Farmers grew the coffee that shippers transported and was consumed by oil riggers whose petroleum was used by refinery workers to make the plastic that was molded by factory workers for the mouse, which was assembled by other laborers for salespeople to sell to the retailer who sold it to me. Our ability to plan and to think and to communicate ideas through language may be impressive, but it still requires each of us to understand every idea that settles within our own skulls.

of people, each of whom played a small role in realizing the whole.

It takes a few seconds before you realize that none of them are wearing underwear.

Their direct gaze and solid stance challenges ideas of vulnerability, exposure, strength and control. (Wong died of AIDS.) In Eric Fischl’s “First Sex,” a nude woman confronts three boys in a night landscape — which of them is in control?

) Asian woman on the second-floor landing, to Helmut Newton’s “Big Nude,” gazing defiantly out at us.

One of the most unsettling works is Noritoshi Hirakawa’s “Dreams of Tokyo,” with 20 portraits of attractive young Japanese women, prettily and demurely dressed in skirts or dresses, squatting.

Wallpaper* Handmade steered decorously clear of sex - until 2014.

Our collection of pleasure objects, or 'Adult Tool Kit', was made under the careful watch of glass artist Jeff Zimmerman and our US editor Michael Reynolds.

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Over the past few decades, psychologists have documented a tendency for lay-people to hold “essentialist” beliefs about social categories, including gender (for summary, see Haslam and Whelan, 2008). I asked Jeff Koons, and he said ‘this is what life’s all about.’” Architect Kulapat Yantrasast, sweeping by on his way out, confirmed that conclusion. Crumb and Tom of Finland, Diego Rivera to Richard Prince, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf to Martin Wong — with painting, photography, sculpture, cartoons, video and, yes, a live nude model. This is the perfect time for this.” The show is wildly varied: 50 artists, from Picasso and Lichtenstein to R.As I write this, two artifacts of roughly the same size and shape sit on my desk: a cordless mouse and a hand axe from the Middle Stone Age. In asexual species, wholly different mutations that arise in different lineages cannot be combined.

Human intelligence became collective and cumulative to an extent that no other species can rival. Exchange had precisely the same effect on our culture that sexual reproduction had on evolution through natural selection.

Neuroimaging (NI) technologies are having increasing impact in the study of complex cognitive and social processes. Kaiser, A., Haller, S., Schmitz, S., and Nitsch, C. On sex/gender related similarities and differences in f MRI language research.