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The crew working the stadium video room, where the camera shots are handled, broke out in laughter.The white-haired woman wearing a Dodgers visor had been shown on the videoboard earlier in the game.“I’m not much of a sweet eater but I do like big cakes.” Bobbi also says her hips don’t lie.“People often think it is fake and that I have had surgeries. There is nothing fake about these curves,” she said.The mother of five says she prefers savory foods to candies and attributes her large size to a thyroid condition. I also like barbecue chicken and barbecue pork chops.I love macaroni and cheese and I love rice too,” she said.

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Brett Merhar pitched the show to Showtime in 2001 as an animated series, wanting to do edgier jokes than what he could do in the comic.

Despite favorable to mixed reviews from critics, the show had very low ratings, due to poor promotion and basing the series on an already-unsuccessful property.