Accomodating people with learning disabilities

01-Feb-2018 17:33

These figures are a strong indicator of what students are capable of regardless of disability.When students make use of the various resources tailored for their specific learning needs, they find that they are able to excel in a classroom environment.In some cases, the employee may need access to a calculator or spell check common on all computers.Simple built in settings—such as spellcheck on all emails before sending can be set up quickly by an HR or IT specialist.As LDs are usually genetic or resulting from brain injury, those affected are not going to “outgrow it” or “get better at it.” This is akin to someone who is born with or develops a hearing or vision loss; they too require accommodations (eyeglasses, braille or hearing aids) to level the playing field.Affordable LD Accommodations Abound Accommodations need not be expensive and with current technology are well within reach; for larger organizations a simple call to the IT Department may be all that is needed.

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For patterns of substituted words, you might mention the word the student needs or indicate a dictionary or a grammar handbook chapter that will explain the differences.

No matter what disability you have—If it gives you problems taking tests, you may qualify for an accommodation.